10″ Smoker

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Stainless Steel Smoker features a wire formed shield with a hanging hook and bottom rest wires.  This provides maximum versatility and protection for the operator and immediate surroundings. The bellows are made of only the highest quality materials. A special binding gives a good grip with no raw edges exposed. The special valve construction allows bellows to refill quickly.

A smoker is a container with attached bellows which burns organic fuels slowly to generate a flameless smoke.  A smoker is used to subdue the potential aggressive behavior of bees during hive inspections.  It is important to use a material that produces a smoke that is not harmful to the bees. When the bees are lightly smoked, they proceed to gorge themselves with honey.  This natural instinct allows them to flee from a burning hive, if needed, and begin a new hive at a different location.  With the bees’ honey stomachs full, both their food source and fuel for beeswax secretion are ready for the new hive.