Monk Art

Artist & Sculptor: Derrick Monk


Artist/ Sculptor/Educator: Derrick Monk

Graduate of Winston-salem State University (2002) BA in Fine Studio Arts and Graphic Design

Monk is a Professional Artist, Sculptor, Muralist and Educator with over 25 years of experience. 

Skils: Illustration, Welding, Metal Casting, Computer Graphic Design, Painting ( Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Batik and more.) Ceramics, Clay Modeling and Wax Modeling


In the Face of Strange Fruit

Public Sculpture: City of Greensboro and International Civil Right Museum

Entitled: " In the Face of Strange Fruit"

Medium: Bronze Casting

Entitled: " Miles Away"

Medium: Mixed Media - Wood, Epoxy and Pigment


Mr Douglas

Entitled: " Mr. Douglas"

Award winning Piece: 1997 1st Place for Congressional Art Award

Medium: Batik




Entitled: "Experienced"

Medium:  Acrylic on Wood

mind of Hendrix

Entitled: "Mind of Hendriex"

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Country Boy

Entitled: "Country Boy"

Medium:  Watercolor Bristol Paper

My Madonna

Entitled: "Mother and Child"

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas