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Supporting Local is Critical to Survival

On a journey in the world of beekeeping, farming, wellness and to preserve and secure community survival. It takes one of many to stand up as a nation. 

Our Farm operates with a pure hearts, clear minds, safe methods and supports our customers with quality products. 

Thus, in the current state of these perilous times all families must work diligently to maintain health, unification, support and infrastructure. Remain focused my friends, take the time to exhibit true love to one another for time is Precious.

We Love You!

Bless the Land and the Land Shall Bless You

Be a steward of the Land. Plan your approach and act accordingly. Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daugthers of the Earth have a natural duty to give back to land, by being a proud Steward of the land. Give Thanks!

Honey is a Natural Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleaner

Honey exhibits a broad-spectrum of antibacterial activity against both Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant (MRSA) ones. Honey has been shown to have a strong activity against many bacteria in both media and in culture.

Try our Honey Soap Bars to support healthy hydrated and moisturized skin.

Women in Farming

When the average person thinks of farming, they tend to think of a male farmer. Women have been farming individually and as a pivital force of many farming operations for hundreds and thousands of years; but haven't been recognized for being such an agricultural and business skill-based professional. Now is the time to step up and into the future of agriculture. Hard Working Women Rock!

Save the Bees, Safe Seeds

Education is vital to the success of our children, parents, adults, seniors and the special populations. The goal of non-profit organization is to promote and educate the community about learning beekeeping, farming/gardening and arts/crafts skill building. Mother's Finest Family Farm LLC. Donates 10% of all sales to Be Younited Inc. to support these efforts.