The Craft Corner

We are a family of Artists, Educators and Farmers. Our family takes pride in creating custom upcycle and traditional art projects.

Upcycling is the process of taking unwanted items and giving them new life as something more valuable. Creating art from otherwise useless objects both reduces the need for new raw materials and turns what would otherwise be trash into something of beauty. 

The limits of upcycling are bound only by one’s imagination and the objects around them. Paper, ceramic, metal, and glass are all materials that have been turned into works of art. Textiles in particular have much potential for upcycling, especially considering that fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil.

Supporting upcycling artists is a way to make a personal eco-conscious effort. Not to mention, there are many  DIY ways to repurpose your own unwanted materials and take a small step towards a no waste future.  

Through our body of work you will find a range of Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Ceramics and other Crafts.

Experience the Art of Mother's Finest Family Farm from the Mother, Father and Children.