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immune system

Nature's homeopathic medicinal tonic. Our fire tonic is produced through a fermentation process for 6 to 8 weeks in Apple cider Vinegar . This fire tonic is packed with fresh herbs, to knock just about any sign of mucus out and boost energy levels. 

Ingredients include: Jamaican Scotch Bonnets, Feverfew, lime, garlic, horseradish roots, ginger, pepper corns and chilli's. 


Note:  Our Fire Tonic, balances your bodies pH naturally with its apple cider vinegar base.

Great tonic to start with daily. This essiental tonic is locally produced and the ingredients are organically farm cultivated and grown. A teaspoon a day,can replace your routine of apple cider vinager and water. It is premade and loaded with so much more to encourage a healthy and balanced you.

Supports and Aids with Symptoms:  Low Energy, Head Aches, Cold and Flu, Chest and Nasal congestion, Heartburn, Stomach Bugs and more.

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